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A solution for pool lighting

For the power supply of swimming pool lighting, we offer 230 V / 12 V safety transformers for spotlights from 100 to 600 W in different protection levels to optimally satisfy the different requirements for resistance to external influences (especially water) with emphasis on safety of use. Our transformers are characterised by their high quality design using top quality materials, which guarantees the long-term trouble-free use of our products.

The product range includes several variants designed by us:

Safety encapsulated transformer in an IP54 box protected against possible water ingress. The transformer supply is a power cord with a fork, the output is a cable. The second option is to make the outlets in a hidden space at the front of the enclosure, where there is a space with terminals and a fuse holder for fuse protection of the primary side.

Safety sealed transformer in an IP65 rated box protected against possible water ingress.

For dry environments that do not have increased requirements for protection against external influences, we offer toroidal transformers with a potted centre and mounting hole for easy attachment to a cabinet with free outlets. The transformers are equipped with a reversible thermal fuse to protect the transformer from overheating.

In addition to the above mentioned variants of transformers for pool lighting, we are able to design and implement specific solutions directly based on your requirements.