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Solutions for the energy sector

We offer decompensation reactors for compensation of capacitor outputs, detuning reactors - protective for compensative capacitor and HDO gating elements to prevent adverse effects on the distribution system.


Solutions for Healthcare

We offer single-phase protective isolation transformers for power supply in the healthcare industry, including steel enclosures. These transformers are used to maintain maximum safety for powering medical equipment.


Transport Solutions

Traction transformers and chokes of railway vehicles.


Chokes for drives with frequency converters

We offer input and motor chokes for drives with frequency converters. Input reactors improve protection against short-term line surges, suppress current spikes and voltage distortion. Motor chokes reduce interference to other distribution systems.


Solutions for swimming pool lighting

We offer safety transformers for power supply of spotlights from 100 to 600 W in various degrees of protection to satisfy different requirements for resistance to external influences with emphasis on safety of use.


Transformers for switchboards

We offer a wide range of single-phase and three-phase transformers in various designs with selectable input and output voltages up to 1000 V. We are able to design the ideal solution for your specific application.

ELEKTROKOV a.s. ZNOJMO is important Czech producer of transformers, chokes and winding parts. We can offer the best solution to our customers according to their specific needs and thanks to our experienced designers we are able to ensure comprehensive development including sample preparation and testing according to applicable EU standards.

We can provide serial and custom piece production on demand in short delivery times while using modern technologies. Of course, we use premium materials, ensure 100% output control according to applicable EU standards and meet other customer requirements.

We supply products to various industries, including power engineering, transport, heavy industry, health care and we possess EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 14001:2015 certificates.

Providing complex services and long-term mutually advantageous relationships with our business partners is our priority while focusing on reliability and premium quality.

We will be more than happy if you decide to use our services.

NewsNezařazenéBlock of transformer and choke for railway application
17. 6. 2024

Block of transformer and choke for railway application

We develop and manufacture special blocks of transformers and chokes that are part of the power supplies of rail technology.
ArticlesNewsVzduchová tlumivka pro drážní aplikaci
16. 4. 2024

Vzduchová tlumivka pro drážní aplikaci

Navrhli jsme a vyrobili vzduchovou tlumivku dle zadání zákazníka, která vyhovuje požadavkům provozu na železnici. Byly použity materiály splňující předepsanou požární odolnost (a požadavky na toxicitu a emise kouře). Pro…