About company

ELEKTROKOV, a.s. ZNOJMO is a front purely Czech producer of transformers, chokes, toroids, wound components and welding clamps. More than 50 years already we produce quality and reliable products. The business philosophy is based primary on the customers trust. We concentrate especially on the concrete requirements of the customer, we are able in the cooperation with the customer to devise the most suitable solution as well. We put emphasis on short delivery terms and the most advantageous prices.

Modern technological equipment and reliability of our employees enable us to process not only unit contracts, but also the serial production. A sophisticated system of quality control of our products is also the matter of course. We cooperate with front European suppliers of modern and premium materials. We are a long-time holder of the quality system certificate ISO 9001 and system EMS 14001.

Our mission is to develop the tradition of produce the transformers and chokes and the effort to introduce on the market always the high quality products based on the requirements of our customers. ELEKTROKOV wants to continue to be an important producer not only in inland but also on foreign markets.