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Solutions for drives with frequency converters

Solutions for drives with frequency converters

When frequency converter is attached to line with fluctuating voltage and interference from other appliances, we produce line (input) chokes. These chokes improve protection against short-term line overvoltages, increase line impedance, improve the power factor, suppress peak currents and supply voltage deformation.

If a cable runs from frequency converter to motor in the vicinity of data, measurement or analog lines, interference could be transmitted to these data lines due to mutual coupling. To minimize this interference we offer motor (output) chokes , that at the same time reduce converter output load by surge currents when using cables longer than 20 to 50 m.

Our range of three-phase reactors for frequency converters is designed for 3×400 V/230 V, 50 Hz systems. If higher inductance is needed, reactors may be connected in series.

If you do not choose a choke from our range, we gladly design a choke specifically according to your requirements.

You can find our chokes in drives for lifts, cranes, cableways and ski tows. Frequency converters with our chokes control drives of various machines such as stone saws, belt conveyors, automatic palletizers, etc.