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Solutions for energy

Solutions for power engineering

ELEKTROKOV, a.s. ZNOJMO offers a wide range of products for power engineering proved by long-term experience in their development and production. We are able to design the best solution fitting exactly your needs.

Decompensating chokes

To compensate unwanted reactive power from capacitance generated on parasite members of the distribution system not only on photo voltaic power plants (i.e. high-voltage cables with metallic shield or long open-circuit lines) we offer decompensating chokes with both aluminum and copper winding.

The use of decompensating chokes prevents delivering the idle capacitance power to the distribution system, which is severely penalized by operators. This significantly diminishes the return on investments made in decompensating chokes.

Our decompensating chokes are made from premium materials and we focus on their long-term reliability and security. Offered chokes are equipped with thermal sensors with reversing circuit-opening contacts that can be added to contactor control circuit as a fuse against choke overheating.

We offer the chokes in standard range of capacitor power from 1.5 to 150 kVAr for 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz mains. Individually, we are able to design chokes for other voltages with different capacitor power or with different parameters.

Suppression members HDO

We offer solutions for owners biogas stations(BS), that help to meet operator requirements for connection to distribution network. One of the requirements is the presence of suppression BS member, that prevents the interference of HDO signals (Rules for operating the distribution system).

These suppression members limit the influence of production facility to HDO signal level, they limit creating of adverse feedback effects on the distribution network and they adjust the network impedance.

In case the suppression member is not installed, there is a danger of reducing the power of your BS or even its complete disconnection from the distribution network. If adverse feedback effects on the distribution network are proved, additional technical provisions against the operator of the producing facility will be applied according to enactment no. 25, par. 4, letter d) item 9) according to Act no. 458/2000 Coll., as amended, or limitation of supplied power depending on voltage and loading conditions in the distribution system will be applied.

In cooperation with EGC-EnerGoConsult Č.B., we will provide measurements and calculation of how the station affects the HDO signal, suggest a suppression member and supply it directly to your biogas station in short term.

Our suppression members are of high quality design and we use premium materials making sure that our products can be operated for a long time and without any problems.

We guarantee that they will meet requirements for distribution network operator regarding applicable legislation and standards.