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Solutions for switchboards

Transformers for switch boards

We offer single-phase safety and isolation transformers for switch boards with power from 12 VA up to 25 000 VA.

These transformers serve as a power supply for other equipment and devices, they adjust (reduce) input voltage from the mains to device rated voltage and they separate circuit parts so that they are not connected by conductors (so called galvanic separation). There is an option to compensate potential mains overvoltage/undervoltage by means of branches.

Single-phase transformers are made according to applicable standards with optional input and output voltages ranging from 1 V up to 1000 V, frequency of 50 / 60 Hz, IP00 protection, clamps with IP20, insulation class B and a maximum ambient temperature of 40 °C.

We have the basic conversions in the power range from 12VA to 1000VA normally in stock. Other types are produced within short delivery times. Depending on your requirements we can make adjustments to design, for example the shielding between windings, primary or secondary winding protection, branches in the winding, etc.

In case you need power supply for devices in cramped spaces, we offer single-phase transformers with toroidal core. These transformers have small dimensions and can be easily installed. Toroid transformers are also suitable to power audio devices due to low electromagnetic field dissipation, low idle current and low losses.

In addition to the transformer types described above, we are able to design and produce specific solution based directly on your requirements.