Solutions for pool lighting

We offer safety transformers ensuring power supply for pool lighting in 230V / 12V voltage with power ranging from 100W to 600W in various degrees of protection, so that they meet various requirements for robustness to surrounding conditions (especially water), while focusing on their safe operation. Our transformers are of high quality design and we use premium materials, making sure that our products can be operated for long time and without any problems.

Our production range consists of several variants of in-house design:

Safety encapsulated transformer in the box with IP54 protected against potential intrusion of water. The power supply for the transformer is provided by cord with two-pin plug while the output is in the form of cable. The second option consists of outlets hidden in protected space in the front part of the casing where terminal blocks and fuse holder are placed to protect the primary side by means of safety fuse.

Safety encapsulated transformer in the box with IP65 protected against potential intrusion of water.

We offer toroid transformers with cast-in center and mounting opening for easy fixing into switch board with free outlets for dry environment without increased requirements for protection against surrounding conditions. Transformers are equipped with resettable thermal fuse protecting the transformer against overheating.

In addition to transformer types for pool lighting described above, we are able to design and produce specific solution based directly on your requirements.